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About Safety Flooring

What is Safety Flooring?

Safety flooring or Slip Resistant flooring is a PVC vinyl imbedded with particles which give the flooring a ‘grippy’surface. Traditional Safety Flooring uses metal particles which also give the flooring a ‘sparkly’ effect although developments in manufacturing have resulted in new ranges with PVC particles rather than metal. This results in a ‘warmer’ less industrial looking floor and also means this flooring is 100% recyclable.

All Safety Flooring is tested and has to meet European standards (ENs) to class the flooring as slip resistant. All our ranges of safety floor meet these tests and as such have ratings of R10 (ramp test) and >36 (TRRL pendulum tested) or higher. R10 / >36 is suitable for most applications where a slip resistant flooring is required. Wet areas like shower rooms may require a higher rated flooring, see our ranges specifically designed for this use.

Why do I need Safety Flooring?

Slips and trips are the most common cause of injury in the workplace across Europe. In the UK a Safety Floor is a HSE legal requirement for places such as commercial kitchens. It is also strongly recommended for any areas where a slip risk may exist. In conjunction with its slip resistant finish, Safety Flooring is very hard wearing and easy to maintain so is therefore ideal for most commercial application.

Which type of Safety Floor do I need?

Under the ‘Safey Flooring’ tab you can search our ranges for the use you require, ie Catering, Leisure etc. This will show the ranges of safety flooring that are suitable for your requirements. The majority of the Safety Flooring we supply is in a 2mm thickness. This gives a great balance of hard wearing, slip resistance, ease of maintenance, and ease of installation. Occasionally a thicker Safety Floor maybe required in heavy industrial applications. For wet areas (shower rooms etc) we have specific ranges available.

 What size rolls is Safety Floor supplied in?

All Altro, Tarkett, Grabo & Polysafe Safety Flooring is supplied on 2 metre (approx. 6.5 feet) wide rolls. These are then designed to be welded together along any joins for a watertight seal once the flooring has been fitted. The only range which is manufactured in a wider roll is the TechnoSafe Jaxon Widefit which comes in 2m, 3m and 4m wide rolls. Please see our website for more details. Most ranges come in a maximum roll length of 20 metres (approx 65 feet).

How much Safety Flooring do I need to order?

Ideally you would need to get a fitter to measure your area and tell you how much flooring to order or alternatively you can measure the length and width of the room yourself. Bear in mind the flooring will be in a 2 metre wide roll when working out which way the flooring will pieces run. We know this can be confusing and we are here to help you, just get in touch with your room sizes and we will gladly help work out the best way to fit your flooring with minimal wastage.

How is Safety Flooring fitted?

Preparation is key to a well fitted Safety Floor which will last for many years. Getting the sub floor (surface the Safety Floor will be fitted to) completely smooth, dry and clean will enable the flooring to be correctly fitted. The flooring is glued down and then any joins can be welded together. We can supply the flooring adhesive and weld for the joins. We also stock the different types of skirting to finish off the installation. We do not offer a fitting service.

How long will Safety Flooring last?

If correctly installed and maintained Safety Flooring can easily last for 10 years+ with life spans of upto 20 years. For product warranties please see the manufacturers websites.

Maintaining Safety Flooring

For maintenance guides please see the manufacturers websites.

Order Times

The majority of orders are delivered within 2-4 working days. Should your order need longer than this for delivery you will be notified once your order is received.

About Delivery

For all delivery information please see the Delivery section under ‘Information’ at the bottom of our website.